How the Vessel Membership works

Once you have gone through the application process, Vessel membership offers a number of deep dive briefings and participation in our live calls and Q&A sessions. We'll also be offering ways to access our peer network primarily via our career programs, which we are currently establishing.

Apply to Vessel

Why the application instead of a simple sign up form? We're serious about moving the needle when it comes to implementing precision oncology approaches in the clinic now -- and not years down the road. That's why we're looking for serious members to join the platform. Ideally, you strive to be a member that contributes to this community and want to actively participate in conversation so that we can drive adoption of the latest technologies. This is why we kindly ask you to provide some details about yourself. It only takes 40 seconds or less to fill out these 4 questions!

Vessel Programs

We work with leading companies as well as leaders at companies and institutions, identifying patterns on how they create value, produce impact and implement novel solutions to improving precision oncology. Vessel programs are designed to teach you the skill of understanding and working with current and future molecular approaches - and maybe even more importantly - we'll provide you with the confidence and competence to introduce these approaches at your institutions.  

Membership Criteria

Vessel is a community of geneticists, pathologists, oncologists, genome researchers/biologists, bioinformaticians, nurses, students and other health care professionals. Together, we strive to enable state-of-the-art precision oncology approaches throughout the entire patient journey, driving the adoption of precision medicine by hospitals, payers and providers.

What we look for in potential members

  • Precision medicine-related role
  • Relevant company or industry
  • Ambitious individuals willing to contribute and go the extra mile

Have any questions?

E-mail us at or simply apply below