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A guide to ctDNA interpretation

ctDNA profiling case studies
In this condensed tutorial, Vessel presents three real-world cases of patients with confirmed progressive disease in which liquid biopsy was used to identify actionable targets. The tutorial also includes a brief summary of the patient’s history and the results of the liquid biopsy.

Understanding and estimating tumor fraction from plasma cell-free DNA

Estimating tumor fraction from plasma cell-free DNA
Vessel Tutorial - Understanding liquid biopsy results is highly dependent on tumor fraction of the cell-free DNA sample. Without information about ctDNA content from plasma, variant allele frequencies and uninformative testing results are very difficult to interpret.
Navigating the clinical ctDNA testing landscape: Assays, applications & approvals throughout the cancer patient journey
Are you new to ctDNA testing strategies? Fear not! With this walk-through, we will guide you through some high-level concepts to help orient yourself in the current clinical landscape.