Here is what Vessel is all about

Our mission is to educate patients and enable clinicians to implement state-of-the-art precision oncology approaches throughout the entire patient journey, driving the adoption of precision medicine by hospitals, payers and providers.

Vessel is your trusted advisor for end-to-end consulting in molecular tumor profiling.

We focus on bridging the gap of precision medicine and clinical application. We are the “connective tissue" between clinicians, industry, patients and their families.

Here is the deal:
If you want to employ precision oncology approaches, you need to accept and overcome the fact that precision oncology asks for polymath-like proficiency across multiple knowledge domains.

If you ever have asked yourself questions like:

  • How can I adopt precision oncology at my hospital?
  • How does next-generation sequencing (NGS) work and what exactly is bioinformatics?
  • When should I use liquid biopsy and how can I interpret the results?
  • How do I know if my plasma sample contains circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA)?
  • How can I better understand the latest early detection strategies that are based on complex new approaches, especially those that are based on multi-dimensional data and artificial intelligence (AI)?
  • What is the field of fragmentomics and how can I apply this to my liquid biopsy strategies?
  • What can I do with whole-genome sequencing and is it ready for the clinic?
  • How can I use NGS to answer my research question?

Then this is the right place for you.

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Why the application form you ask?

We are looking for serious members to join our platform. We aim to share a lot of insight and information that are immediately applicable to your workplace. In order to do this, we expect you to share some personal information as well as to bring the willingness to contribute and actively participate in this community. We sincerely hope to see you join and promise never to spam you or share your information with anyone else.